Effective Study System HFB

Hold Fast What Is Good Training Book
1991, 1996, 2002, Revised Edition © Copyright 1988, Vince Marino

More than a product…
It is a process.  The H.F.B. is not a product (handout sheets, sermon notes, word studies, etc.), but rather a process (meaning a continuous forward movement) of how to feed ourselves God’s Word.

Jesus said, “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” To make disciples we must be disciples.  The H.F.B. is designed for born-again believers of any age who desire to be serious disciples of Jesus Christ. 

The H.F.B. will help organize all areas of study. It is geared to progressively train a person’s spirit and soul. 
This system has been developed over many years.  It is designed for individual study time.  It will provide the framework on which our understanding of God’s word will grow and develop in every area of our life.

What is the H.F.B.?

The H.F.B. is an effective study system that can cause the believer to flourish. This  study system functions like the root system of a plant or tree that provides anchorage, absorption, aeration and storage. (Mark 4:17)

The H.F.B. is a Means to help make disciples.

The H.F.B. is a Process to accomplish God’s goal of making disciples.

The H.F.B. is a Guide to incorporate God’s word into the believer’s life.

The H.F.B. is an Engrafting Tool to produce spiritual growth.

The H.F.B. is a method of study to be handed down, as a Baton, to the next generation.

The H.F.B. is used as a Plow to till the heart of the believer.

The H.F.B. is a Character builder of thoroughness and regularity.

The H.F.B. is a Study organizer.

The H.F.B. is a Pattern to follow.

The H.F.B. is a Development kit.

The H.F.B. is a Track to stay on through difficult and busy times.

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