The 7 Gifts will provide you with:

1. Hope.
2. Strength in the marriage.
3. Manifested harmony in the home.
4. Excellent communication with our children and youth.
5. Success in the business world.
6. Peace when working with those who do not know Jesus.
7. Development of a more godly character.


Seven needs are met when we understand the seven gifts found in scripture.

Seven needs in a marriage are met when each spouse understands the seven gifts.

Most of the conflicts, which we have with other Christians, are simply the result of our misunderstanding their gift or of their misuse of that gift.

The development of these seven gifts will stop strife in its tracks and meet the seven needs.

These seven gifts relate to seven sense perceptors in the human body. 

Every Surefooted Student will have one or more of the seven needs met in their life as they are being trained.

The materials about the seven needs and the seven gifts are revealed within Surefooted Ministries

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