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June 2019
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he newest prayer focus.  "An Antidote for Hard Hearts

Click here. Prayer for the protection of California involving fires.

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What things need to take place for a strong marriage?
Plus, watch the video directed toward the husbands.

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“IF” and “THEN” How important are these words?

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    About Us

    Jesus' life was a life of effective and fervent prayer. He spoke and acted in harmony with the will of His Father. From Jesus' example Pastor Marino knows that a successful ministry requires fervent prayers and the power of prayer cannot be over emphasized. For him prayer has become like breathing, once a day is not enough. It is a continuous communication with God Almighty.


    RPG Prayer Focuses

    Royal Prayer Guards are active members of the body of Christ; stirred within to be used as a powerful movement, bringing change and blessing in all arenas of life; World, National and Social. Keep in mind this very important fact. There is a difference between praying and using delegated authority. (Read John 17th chapter involving prayer and Mark 8:31-33 involving authority)


    Life changing Audio teachings

    Royal Prayer Guards choose to daily give God their undivided attention. They are committed to praying, guarding and exercising delegated authority on behalf of the kingdom. RPG's intercede for the people Jesus died for, through their assigned areas of jurisdiction. (John 17:20) RPG’s are available, dependable and unwavering! Praise God!