The Origin of Royal Prayer Guards

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Pastor Vince Marino has been an active believer for over 40 years. Somewhere along his path of spiritual maturing, God planted in him the seed for the Royal Prayer Guards (R.P.G.'s). John 17:9 and 12 became two of several motivational verses for him to facilitate believers joining together in prayer to advance God's kingdom.  They read, (v9) "I am praying for them" (v12) "While I was with them, I kept them in thy name, which thou hast given me; I have guarded them, and none of them is lost." 

Jesus' life was a life of effective and fervent prayer. He spoke and acted in harmony with the will of His Father.  From Jesus' example, Pastor Marino knows that a successful ministry requires fervent prayers and the power of prayer cannot be overemphasized.  For him, prayer has become like breathing, once a day is not enough.  It is continuous communication with God Almighty.  

Prayer is a two-way path between our Father the Creator and us, His children. Through our prayers, God can reveal truths about Himself.  Prayer keeps us close to God and manifests His presence.  And when we are close to God we are able to hear his promptings and allow His Spirit to lead us.  

With this basis of belief, Pastor Marino fashioned Royal Prayer Guards to be an extension of Surefooted Ministries, which he developed to be a one-on-one ministry where personalized mentor-ship is provided. God has many veins in the body of Christ and Pastor Marino believes that Royal Prayer Guards is another such vein where the Spirit of God can flow.

R.P.G. is unique, as it is not a church nor does it come from a church as a ministry.  Royal Prayer Guards are people in the body of Christ worldwide, committed to being weapons and instruments in God's hand; people living in compassion and mercy toward others, who reveal God's love and do the works of the Lion of Judah, Christ Jesus our King. 

This audio clip reveals what to do as a Royal Prayer Guard.

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