Why S.F.M.

Grocery shopping! What can those in Christ learn!

Spiritually speaking, what can those in Christ learn from grocery shopping?

Click here. This video originated from the audio teaching, “FA.C.E.” Part 6.

Note: Keep in mind, this teaching was when I worked in the grocery industry years ago. Approximately, October 19th 2014. The video was published December 26th 2022, as new treasure. (Relevant daily)

Matthew 13:52 (NKJV) 
Then He said to them, "Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old." 

Main portion of God’s word for this video.

Proverbs 6:22
When you walk, they will lead you; when you lie down, they will watch over you; and when you awake, they will talk with you.

Key portions of God’s word related to this video.

Philippians 2:13
[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.  

1 Thessalonians 5:21
Test all things; hold fast what is good. 

James 1:22
But be doers of the Word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth].  

Mark 16:15 
And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race].

Someone made a comment about this video. “Why do you start with God's words and then jump to stories written by men?”

Answer, I am a man and copy God and follow in Jesus’ footstepsClick here for details.

Ephesians 5:1 (AMP) 
1  THEREFORE BE imitators of God [copy Him and follow His example], as well-beloved children [imitate their father]. 

1 Peter 2:21 (AMP) 
21  For even to this were you called [it is inseparable from your vocation]. For Christ also suffered for you, leaving you [His personal] example, so that you should follow in His footsteps

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