Why S.F.M.

Purposes, blessings, and expectations from Surefooted Ministries!

This website (Surefooted Ministries) is not a church (Assembly or congregation) but rather a place to assist people who go to church and those who do not attend church. Our purpose is to help people in their spiritual walk of faith with the Lord Jesus Christ in any denomination.

The purpose of this website is to provide blessings and lift expectations.

Here are some of the purposes, blessings, and expectations:

1.  To give glory and honor to the heavenly Father directed by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name!
2.  To sense and enjoy God’s presence, anointing, and spiritual shade within the website and social media platforms. (Psalm 16:11, Acts 10:38, Mark 4:30-32)
3. Truth!
4. Wisdom from above!
5. Faith driven and quality prayers for all those who visit the website!
6. Effective uncompromising teachings!
7. Spiritual food! (Sample)
8. Character building!
9. To be energized!
10. Motivation!
11. Edification!
12. Encouragement!
13. Lifted up!
14. Hope!
15. Comfort!

16. Enjoyment!
17. Direction!
18. Instructions!
19. Life change!
20. Challenged!
21. Creativity!
22. Orderliness! (The Pattern)
23. Strength!
24. Counsel!
25. Knowledge!
26. Participation! (Social media)
27. Opportunity!
28. Faith!
29. Love and obey!
30. Available training! (Training is essential for effective fervent prayers plus it will remove doubt when praying)
31. More…