Avoid building straw people and trust the Spirit of truth!


Straw people are built with lies, presumptions, guessing, falsehoods, misconceptions, wrong ideas, and partial truths.

For those in Christ, straw people can be created from our unrenewed mind, about others.

The dominion of darkness (devil and demons) also plays a part in forming straw people. 

They will attempt to speak something that is a lie. Believing the lie will form a straw person. 

They enjoy this arena because it produces much torment for the believer, plus, affecting their sleep.

Much time is wasted on wrong imaginary thoughts in the mind. They can dismantle relationships, annihilate a marriage, and cause strife.

When someone allows lies and deception to enter their thoughts and if they are acted upon, the straw people (imaginary thoughts in the mind) become stronger. 

Then, they become a stronghold. It is like breathing life into the straw person.

Strongholds need to be pulled down and destroyed by the truth of God's Word. 

Watch the video to know what to do? Thank you for watching, learning, and applying God’s word. (The Bible)

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What could this image represent?

One person said, "Passing on the truth to our children or grandchildren."