Protect the Mind Part 7


Please pray first and ask for guidance and understanding from the Holy Spirit.

It would be wise to take notes in this teaching to receive the maximum benefit. Incredibly important!

This is the conclusion of the series.

Last time I taught I asked this question. When people are searching for a church what should they look for?

I believe they should be looking for those who follow the pattern in God’s word.

The following information is from the teaching entitled “The Pattern”.

This is probably the most intensive teaching I have taught since my walk of faith with Jesus.

This material contains valuable life changing information for every believer.

You be the judge.

In addition, it all comes down to the pattern as seen in God’s word.

The following is a synopsis or outline of the pattern I discovered in God’s word.

I shared part of the pattern the last time I taught and will present the rest of it today.

Continue listening for more insights, encouragement, protection, and spiritual orderliness.  Thank you!

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