Speaking in tongues (Links from this website)

Click here. Part 1.  "Do not be afraid, but speak and do not be silent"

Click here. Part 2. Consequences of silence on this subject

Click here. Part 3. Speaking in Tongues Benefit 1 (Edification) Benefit 2 (Cannot Be Decoded)

Click here. Part 4. Speaking in Tongues Benefit 3 Praying perfect prayers. (D.A.D. approach)

Click here. Part 5. Speaking in Tongues Benefit 4 Reminder of Spirit’s indwelling presence 

Click here. Part 6. Speaking in Tongues Benefit 5 stimulates faith (Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy)

Click here. Part 7. Speaking in Tongues Benefit 6 (Free from worldly contamination) Benefit 7 (Pray for the Unknown)

Click here. Part 8. Speaking in Tongues Benefit 8 (Praying, Singing, Blessing, Giving thanks) Benefit 9 (Keeps the Tongue under Subjection)

Click here. Part 9.Speaking in Tongues Conclusions, keys to understand

Click here. The Pattern Series Parts 7, 8, 9 (The Baptism in the Holy Spirit AND Speaking in Tongues) (Testimony)

Click here. Tongues_Valuable Insights 13 Pastor Marino’s insights about speaking in tongues!

Click here. Radar_Valuable Insights 14 speaking in tongues

Click here. What do you want for Christmas?

Click here. The resurrection of Jesus Christ something you might not expect