Character Importance by Pastor Vince Marino Short Audios

The Importance of character

Let me make something perfectly clear about the importance of character.

No matter how much faith a person has,
No matter how intelligent a person is,
No matter how athletic or talented a person is,
No matter how good looking a person is,
No matter how large a person’s ministry is,
No matter how powerful a minister is in the things of God,
No matter how well a person teaches,
No matter how successful some one's business is,
No matter how much money a person makes,
No matter how beautiful a person's home is,

If the character of Jesus within them is not developed, to some point of maturity, there will be a degree of collapse or (breakdown) in some areas mentioned above. In other words, the bottom will fall out in areas of their life.

Realize that the character of Jesus Christ is the Glue that holds us together.

Note that character development in a marriage is highly important. If this does not take place there will be a breakdown in the marriage.

Listen to the loaded character qualities in Romans 12:9-21. This clip is from Resurrection Power balancing factor 5/Energy/Root/Surface (Part 4)

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