Why S.F.M.

Fathers and Leaders_Audio clip and short video_Highly recommended!


Suggestion: To maintain your focus read the entire page first before going to the links. Thank you.

About this video:

This video reveals leadership qualities that should be manifesting in every leader!

If anyone considers himself or herself as a leader, this video is for you! 

For things to run smoothly excellent leadership qualities will be needed in our homes, churches, companies, workplaces, cities, states, government and so on.

Here is some wise counsel for all believers in Christ Jesus, follow "The Pattern".

Click here. Parts 1, 2 and 3 of "The pattern".

Click here. Watch the video and listen to the short audio. Be ready for some valuable answers.

Click here. Thought life (Links from this website) How to protect your mind!

Click here. Parental assistance (Links)

Important statement! Every father should make the time to sit with each of their children and pray for them, with them and equip them in God’s word with regularity.


Click here. More about this video.

Click here. A special message to all pastors and teachers, and people in ministry. "Protect the Ministry!" Highly advised!! (PDF file)