Why S.F.M.

What can we do when problems arise? What about determination and Limitations?


Four preview audio clips from this teaching. “What to do when problems arise! What about determination and Limitations?

Clip # 1. God will use people who are not born again, even a rat!

Clip #2 You are necessary! We need each other!


Clip 3. Are we looking at the success of others?

Clip # 4. Be determined and do not give up even if you mess up!

Note: This teaching was taught in 2013, relevant today.

(Some highlights)

When personal problems arise, our thoughts can sometimes be disturbed or become uneasy.

We are more attentive to God.

Most people desire their problems to be fixed. I know I do.

One keyword today is “Problems”.

However, many people get stuck because they do not know how to get out of their problems.

In other words, they get stuck in spiritual mud.

They cannot fix it.

The "envelope method" is mentioned in this teaching.

Continue listening especially about limitations and for sure determination.

Note, the following video and links will have more meaning after you listen to the teaching.


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Throughout this series and other series all character qualities mentioned are from *(IBLP).
*Used with permission from the Institute in Basic Life Principles.