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About Pastor Vince Marino


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Author of the Hold Fast Training Book and the H.F.B. fifty-two-week Training Course, Pastor Marino disciples those who are willing and obedient to be surefooted in their walk of faith, while advancing God’s Kingdom on earth.

With a God-given vision to adapt his teachings and training materials to be delivered to numerous believers worldwide, Pastor Marino founded the Surefooted Ministries website.

Over the past thirty years, Vince Marino has planted seeds of promise in many lives.  From his early years as a Pastor of Children’s Ministry to his role of Youth Ministry Pastor, Vince Marino has witnessed God expanding his boundaries. He is now engaging with social media reaching people with excellent, accurate effective teachings, videos and so on.  Through these years and his time as an Associate and Senior Pastor, Vince Marino has developed and fine-tuned his multi-faceted discipleship programs.  One creative aspect of his ministry is through dramatized audio teachings. Click here for an example.

With the ministry gifts of a pastor, teacher, and motivator, Vince Marino desires to develop effectiveness in the daily lives of believers.  He specializes in both one-on-one discipleship and family training. In every aspect of his life, Pastor Marino holds to heart the importance of allowing God to shine through your life to influence and cause spiritual growth with the powerful love and truth of His Word.

Listen in as Pastor Vince Marino teaches about the account of Martha and Mary.

The answer for the world is in this audio clip. See for yourself!

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