Why S.F.M.

Surefooted Ministry Introduction (Short video and testimony)


Why Surefooted-The Surefooted and Royal Prayer Guards site is our go to site when we need sound, true and meaty words of encouragement, course correction or teaching that makes a difference.

We have been involved from the beginning of this site. Pastor Vince offers everything on them with no strings attached. You will not be tracked and get emails or ads asking if you want to join. You will not need to enter any information to access the teachings, videos, or insights from students. There are areas for beginners as well as those who have be walking with the Lord for some time.

If you are searching for the simple truth according to the Bible; if you want to supplement your weekly church meeting ; if you want to begin taking your children to a deeper understanding of God's word, we would encourage you to check out Surefooted and Royal Prayer Guards. 

Joe and Cheryl Palechek 

Click here. Three Miners by Joe and Cheryl Palechek