Delegated Authority! If believers don’t, who will? Video


Highlights of this video.

We learned that if our value of any subject is high enough, we will have the needed determination to operate in it everywhere we go.

This would include the subject at and the believer’s delegated authority.

In the book of Exodus, Moses and Aaron used their delegated authority.

They had permission to speak to the enemy. 

(Observation) If you read the book of Exodus, you will notice that God uses Moses and Aaron as His mouthpiece to give commands to Pharaoh their enemy.

God used His people to get the job done. (Even a donkey, see Numbers 22:21-35)

In other words, Moses and Aaron are exercising their delegated authority in the physical realm, which I believe is a type (Likeness) of what we should be doing today but in the spiritual realm.

They are giving the commands from God to Pharaoh.

We are to give commands (directed by the Holy Spirit) to Satan and his demons.

Our commands must be in harmony with God’s will.

We need to know what is forbidden and permitted.

We cannot guess. (This is why we study God’s word)

Thank you for watching, learning, and applying God’s word.

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