Fruit 4 Series Hinting/Andy Griffith show/Name that Tune? (Remez)


Note: The word remes is actually remez. This will be explained in part five of this series. (remez not remes) (sounds similar)

The Hebrew alphabet letters used for this word are: (Letters right to left = zayin  ,mem, resh)

He hinted. Jesus did this with me, as you will see as we move forward. 

Statement.  The more familiar we are with the scriptures the more Jesus through our Gift of the Holy Spirit can hint to us in His word.  It’s fun!!

This “hinting” will lead us to “the win” that He provided for us.  

Hinting = Andy Griffith Show with my son

Being familiar = lead to the win. Just like, the TV show, Name that tune

This hinting method caused me to discover answers to our question.

Question.  Why do we see Christians who have received the Gift of the Holy Spirit bearing little fruit or character? (several answers)

This method could also help you discover answers to your questions.

Jesus is hinting to me with one word.  “River” (Filled with Rhemas)

Continue learning by listening to the teaching.

Haggadic method of interpretation by Jesus is called “Remez”.

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