Why S.F.M.

Thank you everyone!!!

Thank you, everyone, who take part in Surefooted Ministries, Royal Prayer Guards, and R.E.A.D. & R.E.A.P. and all areas of our social media platforms! (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, GodTube, and Vimeo

Thank you for your prayers and comments and support. You are truly a blessing!

Deep appreciation to all our faithful board of directors and contributors!

Thank you all Royal Prayer Guards and all those who joined us through the internet. Thank you for your loyalty and determination and especially your dependability through each prayer focus this year. Greatly appreciated and refreshing!

I believe that the heavenly Father is being glorified and Jesus is being lifted up!! I believe that each year will be a productive year as we continue to take action and do what Jesus did! What did Jesus do? Click here!

Be ready and expect God's kingdom to advance on our next prayer focus.
I encourage everyone in the body of Christ to join us in, effective prayer, strong faith, love and God's power to help those who are brokenhearted... and give them the hope of Jesus Christ! 


Thank you R.E.A.D. & R.E.A.P. (Bible reading group) for your consistency in reading God’s Word over the years!

Remember this; God sees your faith, obedience, endurance, availability, flexibility, self-control, patience, punctuality, initiative and decisiveness to read His precious Word. 

He is honored when you hear, read, obey and practice His Word in your life! Keep moving forward honoring God and be a blessing to others.

Luke 11:28 (AMP) 
“But He said, Blessed (happy and to be envied) rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey and practice it!” 

Click here. Listen to this teaching about true happiness.

Thank you to all those who connect with us through our social media platforms! You are truly a blessing! 

It is encouraging to know there are people who love God and have the heart to learn and apply His Word!

Thank you for being a follower of Jesus and sharing what He has given you!

More information about Surefooted Ministries is in the following three videos. Click here!

Focus on our True Living Hope every year!

Thank you, everyone, once again!
Pastor Vince Marino
Board of Directors
Surefooted Ministries
Royal Prayer Guards
R.E.A.D. & R.E.A.P.

Visit all Surefooted Ministries Social Media Platforms. Be encouraged!


Special acknowledgment to all the ministries and people who have helped me learn about God and His word.