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    Become a practicing disciple!

    Surefooted Ministries is a one-on-one customized discipleship program for new believers, as well as those who have been in the faith for many years. (Matthew 28:18-20)
    Our goal is to cause each person to be mature, in Christ. Also, develop practicing believers of Jesus Christ who can go from place to place in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ. Start fresh! Col 1:28, Ro 15:29


    Results! Character! Accuracy!

    Over the years I have noticed a number of sincere Christians who desire to study God’s Word. In their pursuit to study God’s Word, they attempt various reading programs, methods of memorization, Bible studies, church programs, seminars, and so on. Then something happens, and they progressively come to a stop! Why? I believe it is because of character deficiencies.
    Training is available.


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    Go spiritual shopping at Surefooted Ministries Grocery Store. It will be fun and enjoyable!
    This website is like shopping at a grocery store going down the aisles and putting food in the cart. The cart is your electronic device. Choose your desired subject on the website. Using your electronic device, copy and paste the link on your device and enjoy the spiritual food anytime. (Several options)

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Has anyone heard of the Pattern? It will remove confusion! Why do people give up on God, prayer, study, and application? Learn how to stay out of strife and be victorious!

We cannot allow (Goliath’s) problems to fester!

Walking in the fullness? Our inheritance is amazing!