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    Become a practicing disciple!

    Surefooted Ministries is dedicated to providing a one-on-one customized discipleship program tailored for both new believers and those who have been in the faith for many years. Rooted in the Great Commission, our mission is to help each individual grow in maturity in Christ and become practicing believers who can spread the fullness of the gospel.


    Results! Character! Accuracy!

    Over the years, I have noticed a number of sincere Christians who deeply desire to study God's Word. They embark on their journey by engaging in various reading programs, methods of memorization, Bible studies, church programs, seminars, and more. However, despite their initial enthusiasm, many gradually come to a stop. Why does this happen? I believe it is due to character deficiencies.


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Click here. "What can those in Christ do when problems arise?" (Highlights)

When personal problems arise, our thoughts can sometimes be disturbedWe are more attentive to God seeking guidance and comfort.

Today's keyword is 'Problems.' Many people are struggling, feeling stuck in what seems like spiritual mud. They don’t know how to navigate their way out of their difficulties. May this video be valuable!