Valuable Insights 1-14 Links (Gold Nuggets)

To receive your own insights or gold nuggets digging in God’s word with intensity is the key. I have been doing this since about 1977 when I was born again. These insights or gold pieces I am sharing with you to help, assist, and build you up in Christ. Be blessed and encouraged! It is all because of Jesus!

Click here. Behaving_Valuable Insights 1 Behaving ourselves in the world

Click here. Economy_Valuable Insights 2 Discover one key Bible verse in this economy

Click here. His steps_Valuable Insights 3 “Follow in His steps”

Click here. Believable_Valuable Insights 4 Become Believable

Click here. Gold_Valuable Insights 5 Make God our gold

Click here. Effective vessel_Valuable Insights 6 Be an effective vessel for the Lord! “Summer Solstice”

Click here. Not in vain_Valuable Insights 7 Our work for the Lord is not in vain

Click here. Hard hearts_Valuable Insights 8 Be an antidote for hard hearts!

Click here. Doers _Valuable Insights 9 Be doers of the word, and not hearers only

Click here. Change_Valuable Insights 10 Supernatural change

Click here. Attitude_Valuable Insights 11 How to maintain a Jesus Attitude

Click here. Sufferings_Valuable Insights 12 Perspective on Sufferings

Click here. Tongues_Valuable Insights 13 Pastor Marino’s insights about speaking in tongues!

Click here. Radar_Valuable Insights 14 speaking in tongues

Click here. Enjoy more insights or gold nuggets!