Overcome the webs of the enemy prayer focus

Note: Pause as you go if needed to allow the information to penetrate your life. Watch the video more than once. Thank you.

Hello, all Royal Prayer Guards! 

I pray all is well! Thank you always for showing the worth of people through your time of effective prayer.  

This prayer focus is directed toward those in Christ using a variety of electronic devices. (Computers, iPhones, iPads…)

If we are not overcoming, we cannot help others overcome. 

Luke 6:39 
And He spoke a parable to them: Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the ditch? (See also Luke 6:41-42, Plank, and the speck) (Highlight text added for all scripture)

Theme: Overcome the webs of the enemy!

Spiritually speaking, there are many types of spider webs to entangle people. Also, not all temptations are the same. (Different people, different temptations)

Believers in Christ Jesus really need to be very wise and careful about what they are doing. Otherwise, they will be entangled in the webs of the enemy. The consequences of entanglement are, the bite, sting, hurt, or catch.

However, if anyone is entangled, the Lord is able to deliver him or her! Why?

Jeremiah 32:27
"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?

Consider this portion of God’s word.

Job 8:14-15 
A man without God is trusting in a spider’s web. Everything he counts on will collapse. 15  If he counts on his home for security, it won’t last. 

Job 8:14-15
They trust a thread—a spider's web. 15 If they lean on a web, will it hold them up? If they grab for a thread, will it help them stand?" 

1 Peter 1:14 
As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance...

How does a person get entangled in the web of the enemy? 

(Notice the progression)

One way is when a person is tired, gets relaxed, sloppy, careless with God’s word.  

Then they start to scroll up and down on their iPhone, iPad, or a variety of devices.

As the person continues to surf the Internet, they gradually get deeper into the things that are dirty and not right.

Old habits and areas of the unrenewed mind come to the surface or are stirred up. 

The person who is not alert will continue down these various sticky threads of the enemy’s web.

As the person scrolls down their iPhone... viewing various segments, clips, images, documents, or sections at a time, stop and go, is like the sticky threads of the enemy’s web manifesting.

Then without noticing it, the person begins to stick (Hover over) to whatever is appealing, attractive, or enticing, then more sticky threads of the web manifest.

Further entanglement happens as the person goes or scrolls. This is highly dangerous and favorable to the enemy who waits patiently until the bite, sting, hurt or is caught

There is hope and mercy!

If people in the enemy's web act quickly and recognize what is happening and repent, they can, with God’s help escape (Break loose) from the enemy’s webs of destruction and embarrassment or shame.

Keep in mind that there can be many different webs in various areas of a person's life at the same time. Alertness and steps of action will be needed!

Proverbs 28:13 
He who covers his transgressions will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes his sins will obtain mercy.

Suggested steps of application:

(Use these when praying for those in Christ)

1. Become answerable to someone to help stay out of the enemy’s webs.

2. Determine not to surf the Internet carelessly. Aim for a good goal.

3. If tired, discouraged, or depressed turn off the device and take a nap if possible.

4. Do not go to bed with your device on, if struggling with wrong thoughts.

5. Delete any harmful App that causes temptations.

6. Be alert to warnings such as images in the mind of old habits, and areas of the unrenewed mind. We should not go back to our former ignorance.

7. Rely on the Holy Spirit our Advocate to activate the renewed mind. 

The Spider webs!
“Predators capture their prey by preparing inescapable traps.”

The following material is valuable:

Original source: Wisdom Booklet 10:382 (3 “Predators capture their prey by preparing inescapable traps.” Used with permission.)

A spider’s web is an intricate trap from which its prey seldom escapes. To make its traps, the spider procedures silk threads from special glands located in its abdomen.

Each of the twenty-five families of spiders has its own design for a web. Orb webs, which people see most often, are used by two families of spiders.

To build such a web, the spider begins by attaching “guy wires” to nearby plants. Next it constructs a frame and spins spokes which fan out from the center of the web and anchor onto the surrounding frame and guying lines. Then, starting at the center, the spider spins a temporary spiral of non-sticky silk to act as basting, which holds the framework in position as the spider finishes the web. When the temporary spiral is complete, the spider slowly backtracks, constructing a densely woven permanent spiral of sticky (Viscid) silk while removing the “basting.”

Constructing a Spider web. Notice the stages or progression.

  1. Guying lines
  2. Developing framework
  3. Spokes
  4. Temporary spiral
  5. Viscid spiral

Most spiders sit patiently in the center of their webs, waiting for their prey.

When they sense the vibrations of a struggling victim, spiders rush deftly (Skillfully, cleverly) across their webs and further entangle their prey with more silk. Finally, they bite the prey to kill it before dragging it away to eat it.

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Pastor Vince Marino
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