Fading from the darkness prayer focus video!


Note: Pause as you go if needed to allow the information to penetrate your life. Watch the video more than once. Thank you.

The purpose of this prayer focus video.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit: Because of the:

Rapid pace.

Advanced technology with computers.



Working in secular environments.

Working with the lost and what they say.

Social pursuits of people (Choices) and how they influence us.

Clothes people are wearing and not wearing.

Things people are watching and reading.

While waiting at the check stand.

This message is convicting, even to myself.

May the heavenly Father, cause us to pick up the urgency of what is happening around us in this world and to overcome the things of this world in Jesus' name amen.

Thank you, for watching, learning, and being a doer of God’s word.

Click here.  The audio teaching. It is not an easy teaching to apply. Therefore, be ready!