Social Prayer Focus #13 Pray for yourself

Suggestion: To maintain your focus read the entire page first then proceed to the links. Thank you. 

Hello, all Royal Prayer Guards and everyone who has joined us!

Thank you for believing that our heavenly Father answers our prayers. Furthermore, thank you for being an active part of God’s kingdom on earth praying and doing battle in the spirit realm. Realize that the Lord is our Helper and therefore we are not alone in our prayer efforts. 

Click here to watch David and Goliath video's part 1-4. 

Discover how the Lord helped David fight his enemy. There are many insights in these videos and I believe every believer in Christ Jesus should understand them.  Watch and see for yourself! In addition, David was not afraid!

Click here. If you have any prayer requests please go to the link so I can pray throughout the week on your behalf.

This prayer focus is directed to ourselves. In other words, pray on your behalf.

All believers in Christ Jesus need to pay some attention to their own life.

If believers cannot manage their own life how can they help others?

Four suggested areas of prayer:

(1) Good soil (Be the good soil)
(2) Spiritual sharpness (Stay spiritually sharp)
(3) Prioritizing (What is first, second…)
(4) Balancing (Being out of balance affects people around us)

These four areas are mentioned in the following teachings.

Responsibilities Part 1

Protect the mind Part 1

Be not afraid Royal Prayer Guards for the Lord is our Helper! (Isaiah 41:10)

Whatever we are going through His Word stands forever and we can trust in His Word. 
See also (Proverbs 30:5)

Watch this video and realize that our help comes from the Lord!

Thank you,
Pastor Vince Marino
Surefooted Ministries