The defeat of Ebola

 This prayer focus was directed to the defeat of Ebola

I pray all is well with all Royal Prayer Guards!  Thank you again for your faithfulness.

In addition, thank you to all who have joined Royal Prayer Guards in prayer.

There are many things we can pray about.  Therefore we choose wisely.

The Ebola virus outbreak was a threat to the United States and the world.

Therefore let us all be thankful for God's mercy.

Serious spiritual measures needed to take place to overcome Ebola and I believe we were successful.

Even though this virus was being fought by physical means we now realize that spiritual warfare needed to be applied as well.

Continued prayer suggestions:

(1) Pray for God’s mercy to continue to manifest in the USA. 

(2) Pray for God’s mercy on those who were infected with Ebola in the world. 

(3) Pray for God’s mercy on those fighting in the physical realm against Ebola and other diseases. 

(4) Pray for God’s continued mercy on the hospitals and staff members.

Thank you for your dependability,

Pastor Vince Marino
Surefooted Ministries
Royal Prayer Guards
R.E.A.D. and R.E.A.P.