Do not be consumed! Avoid the trash and keep clean as we go!








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This prayer focus is directed to the body of Christ! 

Hello all Royal Prayer Guards and those who join us! Thank you for continuing as a team of believers honoring the heavenly Father through prayer and doing the works of Jesus.

Our main focus is on the words we speak.

We can disable our prayers and destroy relationships with our words.

On the other hand, we can choose to be effective in prayer and build people up with our words.

Watch the video below to discover more!

Here are some suggestions when we pray.

  1. Believe God to manifest both the desire and power to change the wrong words we speak. (Philippians 2:13)
  2. Believe God to manifest both the desire and power to memorize portions in His Word relating to the importance of words. (Click here for more)
  3. Believe God that the body of Christ feels the conviction or cut when wrong words are spoken.
  4. Believe God that the body of Christ removes wrong words from their vocabulary and replaces those words with appropriate words.
  5. Believe God that the body of Christ will be diligent until all wrong words are removed.
  6. Learn and practice maturity to avoid strife.
  7. Believe God that the body of Christ “upbuilds itself in love”. (Ephesians 4:16)
  8. Build people up with our words, actions, attitudes, how we do things, and motives, why we do things.

Philippians 2:13
"for it is God Himself whose power creates within you both the desire and power to execute His gracious will" Wey

Therefore in a simple form we have:

  1. Desire and power!
  2. Memorization!
  3. Feel the cut!
  4. The right choice of words!
  5. Finish what we started about the words we speak!
  6. Be mature and prevent strife.
  7. Walk the love walk!


Need more? The words we speak can change our direction in life. Click here!

Thank you for your readiness,
Pastor Vince Marino
Surefooted Ministries
Royal Prayer Guards