"I Met a New Friend Today" By John Marino

I wrote this a few years ago, it somehow means more to me lately. 

I met a new friend today,

As I sat upon a rock.

I met a new friend today,

Although we did not really talk.

Without saying a word,

We shared a moments rest.

We sat and listened to the wind,

Sometimes those times are best.

I thought about his life,

From start to present day.

The struggle of daily life,

That brought him here today.

He started out so very small,

His creator planned it thus.

Daily relying on the Lord,

That is how it should be with us.

For the foundations of the earth

By God’s hands were laid,

And He has never taken His eye,

Off the world His hands have made.

For every leaf that falls,

Falls within His plan.

He orchestrates it perfectly,

As only the Master can.

Just as He cares for my new friend,

God cares too for me and you.

Though often times we are unaware,

Of the danger He brings us through.

I wonder if my new found friend,

Even thinks about these things.

I ask aloud, he only stares,

With a flutter of his wings.

I offer up a prayer of thanks

For all my God has provided,

And for little speechless friend,

In whom I have confided.

God sent me a friend today.

We sat upon a stone.

My friend he was a butterfly,

Reminding me I’m not alone.

Written by, John Marino