Thought life Part 1 whole teaching



Part 1 Highlights:

  1. To pick apart John 21:1-8 by layers.
  2. Gather Rhemas as we go. (More about Rhema click here)
  3. Main Focus will be our thought life.
  4. What to do with bad thoughts.
  5. Developing a spiritual filtering method or system.
  6. Thoughts are progressive.
  7. Death and life are in the words we speak.
  8. Our thoughts can produce words and words have power.
  9. How thoughts are taken or manifested.
  10. What to do with good thoughts. (Decision/pursue/value)
  11. Do not remain in the “thought stage” with thoughts that 4need to manifest.
  12. Proverbs 12:11.

What is our spiritual filtering system?

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