Why I love and Obey Jesus Part 1 (Testimony Catholic background)


This is my testimony as a Catholic when I was a child living at home. I believe that every Catholic should listen to this teaching and share it with other Catholics. 

I have nothing against Catholics this is just my experience as a Catholic growing up. However, the information in this teaching changed my life and I pray that it will widen the understanding for all those who hear this teaching. You be the judge as you listen.










In my younger years as a Catholic, I attended mass. (Church service)

It was out of obedience towards my dad and mom that I attended church.

I hated to go to church and felt forced to go and I basically did not understand.

It was one thing to obey out of force and another out of love.

I did not see the value or purpose of attending church.

As a Catholic, I would follow all the actions required in the service or mass.

Only after I lost and wasted about twenty years of my life along with a bunch of hard aches did I finally come to Jesus and realized what a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus really meant.

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