Thought life Part 4 whole teaching


Part 4 Highlights and Conclusion:

  1. The name of this teaching has been: Our Thought Life) (The Catch) And (Our Obedience)
  2. Peters thought of "I am going fishing" lead him and the disciples to catch fish.
  3. Our base portion of God’s word has been John 21:1-8.
  4. Our main goals today will be “the catch and obedience”. (Back and forth)
  5. Their situation:  That night they caught nothing.
  6. Jesus now enters the scene. (Verse 4)
  7. Jesus gives the disciples His idea in verse 6. (Their idea was not working)
  8. Question. How long will we keep Him knocking at the door of our problem?
  9. How long would Jesus speak from the shore?
  10. We need to hear His thoughts put action to those thoughts and make the catch.
  11. If you read the entire account of Acts the tenth chapter you will see clearly the progression of the thoughts--to the catch.
  12. The question, what “thoughts” are we transferring to others?
  13. Every thought has an agenda. 
  14. Every thought is a piece to a bigger picture.
  15. Every thought leads us to catch either good or bad.
  16. We need God’s thoughts to make the catch.  Just like when Jesus was on the shore and said, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some." John 21:6
  17. The key for the catch in John 21:6 was obedience. (The category was fish)
  18. Therefore in these sessions, we have three main principles.
  1. Thoughts
  2. Catch
  3. Obedience








Are we listening and obeying? Are we casting our net on the left side or the right side?