The Pattern

Evangelistic teaching: “Speaking in Tongues” Part 4



Benefit 3
Praying in tongues is praying perfect prayers, to God.

1. Thus far we learned two benefits of speaking in tongues.
(1) Spiritual edification.
(2) The ability to Pray in a heavenly language that cannot be decoded by the enemy. 

2. Remember we are using the D.A.D. approach throughout this teaching.

3. Plus, our three main character qualities, which are:
(1) Wisdom vs. Natural inclinations 
(2) Persuasiveness Vs. Contentiousness
(3) Cautiousness vs. Rashness 

4. The question to ask others. How would like to pray perfect prayers?

5. (Testimony in Boston) My son-in-law (praying perfect prayers to God for his wife Julie).

6. The Holy Spirit is perfect.

7. His words are perfect.

Acts 2:4
4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues#1100, as the Spirit gave them utterance#669. (Words) RSV 

8. God is perfect.

9. The heavenly language the Holy Spirit gives us is perfect.

10. Our praying is perfect.

11. God’s perfect will is being done.

Continue listening to this series, it will be life-changing!

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