Purity vs Contamination Spiritual Training Part 20


If we do not control our thoughts, words will begin to come out.

The question is what kind of words?

If a person is not in the word, it will be very difficult to speak the word.

What does the term “in the word” mean?

As I said, it would be wise not to start a storm in our mind with wrong thoughts.

Once the evil words begin to come out the storms begin to brew or form.

The storm I am referring to is the storm of contamination.

God’s goal for His children is to think on what is pure. (Ephesians 5:1)

Thinking pertains to our thought life.

Whatever is pure we are to think about it. This is easy to say. 

Let us talk about the word “pure”.

Learn about one tool and weapon that will help us. 

Radar system? What does this mean? 

Continue with the audio teaching. 


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