Free from Guilt! Resurrection Power analogies/cell phone_balancing factor 1 and 2 (Part 2)



The result of the resurrection is hope!

The result of the resurrection is that our preaching and faith are not in vain!

Not only that but we have been justified through the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Free from Guilt!

Declared righteous!

Acceptable to Him!

Another result that took place because of the resurrection of Jesus was that it brought forth the ministry of the Holy Spirit!!!

Result: Because Jesus went away the Holy Spirit could come!

Result: Because of the resurrection Jesus was able to hand the baton of Himself to the Holy Spirit providing multiplication of Himself in each believer!

Result: Because of the resurrection the greater works of Jesus have come!

Result: because of the resurrection the Holy Spirit can continue the work of Jesus on the earth through those who believe!

As we connect to the resurrection power#1411 or the power of the Holy Spirit what are some of the ways to maintain balance in that power?

Learn about the five balancing factors.

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