Are we living in the breach? “He is Not Here” (Part 3)


“He is not here” Where is He, and where are we?

Here is a social account of Jesus being with a person before and after His resurrection for the sake of tying up a loose end.

Peter’s denial of knowing Jesus. 

Before the resurrection, Peter denied Jesus three times. 

Peter’s denial foretold Luke 22:31-34. (Promises made by Peter but not fulfilled)

Keep in mind that Peter did not have the resurrection power in him until Acts 2:3-4. (See also Acts 1:13)

There was a breach in the relationship between Jesus and Peter and therefore something had to be done. This became a loose end.

People sometimes choose to live in the breach and do nothing to resolve it for years.

We need to share this information with our children.

Children are like wet cement.

Teaching them early on how to fix breaches will benefit them in their life.

It will be harder to teach our children about how to fix breaches, as they get older. (Cement dries as time goes by)

The question to ask involving these areas is, “What is our motive?”

Are our motives money, inheritance, possessions and so on?

Consider these two-character qualities. (Listen to this teaching to receive the impact of these two-character qualities)

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