Spiritual Training Part 10_Make the choice to believe!


Some Highlights:

  1. One main thread in this teaching will be the two doors.

  2. Left side: Door of Doubt (Within this door) Fear Worry No blessings.

  3. Right side: Door of Faith (Within this door) Boldness Peace Many blessings.

  4. We are to live by faith not doubt.

  5. Staying within the door of faith will preserve our soul.

  6. We are not to walk by how we feel.

  7. We can cry all we want and still operate in faith.

  8. Jesus wept and still operated in faith and raised Lazarus from the dead.

  9. Jesus has provided us with His victory but it might not be manifested.

  10. God uses objects and visuals to communicate His word to others.

  11. If we chose the door of doubt, we will be afraid.  (Like Adam Genesis 3:10)

  12. Satan’s goal is to get us to enter the capsule of doubt.

  13. Jesus goal is to help us stay within the capsule of faith.

  14. As we stay within the door of faith fear stays out however it can be attacked.


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