Three illustrations with drama discovering root problems (Part 5)


Let us continue in our subject of Resurrection Power.

This is the conclusion.

In our last session together, we finished up with the five balancing factors and their companions.

The reason for the five balancing factors was to put things in perspective pertaining to the resurrection power.

Then we zoomed in on two of those balancing factors, which were the power of God and the Holy Spirit. 

We learned that one purpose of our power source, which the Holy Spirit was to be energized and re-energized.

The energy I am talking about is the energy we receive as we pray in tongues.

God does not want us to waste this energy.  Time is to short here on earth. 

God desires to use His energy in and through us to advance His kingdom.

We waste our energy by spending time on surface problems rather than root problems.

Continue listening and discover three main root problems.

These root problems usually are mixed together within a person but for better understanding, I will isolate them through illustrations with drama. (Ted, Mr. Chow and his son Noodle and Mr. Martin) Must listen!

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