Believers Life Compass! Absolutely mandatory!

 Hello, once again all faithful Royal Prayer Guards!

I am grateful for all of you who continually receive and act upon the prayer focuses. It is an honor to provide you with relevant prayer focuses to help those in need. 

Many times, we are the ones in need. If we are not in working order, we cannot assist others. Therefore, stay close to Jesus (Bread of life!) and His word and do our part. Be healthy, growing in Christ, and full of God’s love

Ephesians 4:16
Under his direction, the whole body is fitted together perfectly, and each part in its own special way helps the other parts, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. 

Life Pressures!

In life, there are many storms, troubles, complications, pressures, weights of sorts, and so on. 
Every day there seems to be something new that needs our attention and prayer. 

We need our life Compass!

1. The only way to make it through this life is through our life Compass. 

2. The believer's Compass is the Holy Spirit and God’s word

3. The Holy Spirit and God’s word will guide, comfort, teach, and lead our lives as we are willing and obedient

4. Realize, both the Holy Spirit and God’s word are required or mandatory as our spiritual Compass to ensure accurate instructions, directions, and locations.

5. Guidance will manifest as we keep our attention on our Compass

One way to maintain our attention!

One way to maintain our attention is through speaking in tongues. (Heavenly prayer language) This operates like a spiritual radar. I recognize that not everyone believes or understands this blessing. However, if you talk to the Father about it, He will help you. 

Our true purposes and directions in life!

1. As believers in Christ, it would be wise to focus on our Compass more than our own purposes and passions, which could be with error. 
2. Our true purposes and directions in life will be revealed as we focus on our Compass.

3. Those in Christ will discover their purpose, charisma gift, and how God made them. In our charisma gift, is strength and passion.

4. If we mess up, our Compass will guide us back to our purpose in Christ. 

5. Continually moving forward is the objective.

6. Even with our Compass, we must have the desire and power to head in the right direction. 

Suggestions for application!

1. Do our part in the body of Christ.

2. Stay healthy as possible.

3. Continue to grow in Christ.

4. Walk in His love.

5. Understand that there will be pressures in life.

6. Trust our Compass, which is, the Holy Spirit and God’s word.

7. By faith ask the Father about the heavenly prayer language.

8. Pursue God’s purpose in Christ, our charisma gift, and how He made us.

This entire prayer focus “Believers Life Compass Prayer Focus” is in PDF file format. If anyone desires to receive the fullness of this prayer focus, please click here. (Several insights and resources)

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Thank you,
Pastor Vince Marino
Surefooted Ministries
Royal Prayer Guard